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Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii History Tours!  

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Hawaii History Tours provide exclusive, private historical tours on the Big Island of Hawaii.  My name is Bill Harlan and I am the owner/guide for HHT.  My goal is to provide you with a quality historical tour – a tour that enables you to “step thru time” and enter the world of ancient Hawaii.  I started HHT because I noted a desire on the part of many visitors to want to go “beyond” the typical Hawaii visit, and REALLY learn about the amazing history of these islands.  There is nothing wrong with a hotel hula show and having a mai tai at the bar but – there is SO MUCH MORE to Hawaii than what is offered to the average visitor.  I am uniquely qualified to provide you an in-depth tour unlike any other in Hawaii.  This is due to my having been born and raised here; having lived here for 50-plus years.  I have a Master's Degree from the University of Hawaii, and I have been teaching history as a public school teacher for twenty-two years.  There are few – if any – guides with my experience and academic background.  I am absolutely PASSIONATE about the history of Hawaii and I want to share that passion with you!  

My tours are unique in that my focus is NOT on hiking or zip-lining, etc; my focus is SOLELY on history.  Another unique aspect of my tours is that they are PRIVATE tours – you will not be stuffed into a van with fifteen other people!  I offer a very personal service.  As a private tour guide my sole concern is your comfort and satisfaction.  As the owner/guide of HHT every-single-tour/guest matters to me.  This is not just a job for me – this is my own business and it is what I LOVE to do!  As a small business owner I know that my best advertising will be my guests and what they have to say after they take one of my tours – so EVERY tour has to be the very best I can make it!  

Having been born and raised in Hawaii I have a LOT to share with you about this amazing and magical place.  I look forward to spending the day with you – sharing with you the history of this “magical” place where I live.  Together we will “step thru time” and experience the Hawaii of yesteryear.  

I provide the following on all my tours:

*Fully air-conditioned, super-comfortable vehicle

*Ice Water

*Light snacks

*Oshi bori (a great Japanese custom – cold face towel followed by dry face towel - feels great!)

Lunch is not included in the tour price.  This allows you to choose what and where you want to eat.  I will suggest places to eat in the area, and you decide.

**Note:  While mine are certainly not hiking tours, they are walking tours.  We will be doing a lot of walking.  You do have to be in good enough physical condition to walk for an hour or two at a time, sometimes over uneven terrain, often in bright, hot sunshine.  I strongly suggest you wear comfortable clothes, ie, shorts, tennis-type shoes, NOT sandals.  You may also want to wear a hat and bring sunglasses.  Sunscreen would be a good idea.  

***There is NO TIPPING at HHT!  As the owner/guide of HHT I charge a fair price for my tours, and that is ALL you pay.

Bill Harlan Big Island Kona Private and Custom Historical Tour Guide
Private tours of Ahu'ena Heiau Kailua Kona Hawaii